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John & Jessie – A Gatsby themed wedding

I dyed a little when Jessie told me her vision for her wedding.

Champagne. Vintage flair. Flapper dresses. Headpieces. Jazz Music.

… and a helicopter getaway?! Okay, maybe not a nod to the 20′s but definitely freaking awesome none the less!

My lust for a peek at the roaring 20′s was definitely satisfied with John and Jessie’s wedding, I felt like I was celebrating with Gatsby himself. The romance, the music, the attire, ….and champagne aplenty. This wedding was just as much for the guests as it was for the bride and groom. They sent out some of the best invitations I have seen. They asked their guests to join them and dress for the occasion and they gave them a great show as they exited their wedding, suitcase in hand, to the helicopter waiting for them on the front lawn. A very over the top Gatsby-esque getaway.


Sarah J Stromberger - These are incredible!! Great work!

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Amy Koeller - Simply gorgeous! <3

Sara Noelle S - I just noticed all of my random comments, oh my, that was Emily.. ;) haha

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Ryan & Deirdre

Not all weddings are planned years in advance, some are planned a little quicker. Neither is more special than the other. Either way you are married at the end of the day, and I figure as long as that happens its been a pretty successful day.

With so much involved in a wedding it just means so much more can go wrong, sometimes I think people forget the real reason for having the wedding. Besides the awesome party you get to have, its two people committing to each other forever and that  is definitely something to celebrate.

Many times have I seen family and friends sitting on the sidelines at a wedding, leaving early or just not enjoying the party like they should be. I think sometimes we need a little reminder, and sometimes we need a swift kick, its about the people who invited you. I didn’t have that problem at Ryan and Deirdre’s wedding. They have some amazing friends and family. They made sure everything was good to go and everyone was having a good time. It can be an awesome sight to see when two people are surrounded by such amazing people in their life.

So the next time you are invited to a wedding, kick off your high heels if you need to, get on the dance floor and celebrate, because that is what you are there to do!

AiP Creative Photography - Rockin’ the tilt shift! So beautiful, Allie!

AiP Creative Photography - Rockin’ the tilt shift! So beautiful, Allie!

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David & Diana


Wedding season is on people!
It is in full swing and I already feel behind. Weddings, editing, blogging, emails, phone calls, brides already planning for their 2015 weddings, consults, final consults, my head is spinning… but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Ill just catch up on my Zzzz’s this winter. Maybe hibernate for a couple months, Who needs more than 4 hours of sleep anyways.

To kick off the wedding season  I had an amazing couple. A good portion of my brides this year are from out of state and it is always interested to show up on the wedding day never having met the couple you are spending the day with. They were amazing. Everyone. Their whole family and all of their friends are of course awesome, because, you know, awesome people only pick other awesome people to be in their inner circle.

The day was very windy, a little bright and a lot chilly, but everyone brought their A game. No complaining from anyone standing out in the wind and cold. The girls put in extra hairspray to hold their curls and off we went and because I tend to have a vision my amazing bride may even of done a little barefoot hiking down by the river to add to the festivities.

What a great start to the season. I am so ready for this!



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