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Jereme & Allison – Seattle Wa.

Sometimes a wedding can change. We have all these ideas in our heads as young girls about how our wedding should look. We see the elaborate venues, the trail of bridesmaids and the thousands upon thousands of flowers scattered throughout the day.

Sometimes this vision will change. 

Jereme and Allison had a vision. It was going to be a big beautiful wedding filled with everything a girl could dream up. Somewhere along the journey of planning that wedding it changed and evolved into something even better. They decided to switch locations, they canceled the flowers, Allison changed the dress and the the guest list was lowered.

When the day came, Jereme was the one who helped Allison get ready. There was no first look and no bridal party.

When it came time for photos, Seattle wanted to show us what it was made of. It started raining as soon as we stepped out of the hotel with wind and hail to follow.

The ceremony and dinner reception were held in a private room at a downtown Seattle restaurant. There was no aisle to walk down, no garter toss and no dancing. It was simple and it was beautiful.




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Amy & Shannon

Look at these two amazing girls. They are getting married this year and I am so  F R E A K I N G  E X C I T E D  to be able to be apart of it. I met them last year at a wedding I shot for Amy’s sister in Walla Walla, Wa. I knew I wanted to take pictures of these two the second I saw them. They are so full of energy and really just amazing people, I am so glad that they decided to seek me out when they got engaged and I didn’t have to stalk them like a crazy person. Oh man, I definitely would have.


Now it’s time for pretty photos of these two!


Natalie Nash - Soooo gorgeous! Love love love.

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N & E – A more intimate side of love.

These images are all about the love.

There is nothing I love more than taking pictures of people in love. This is why I do what I do. To be around love, well it’s intoxicating. These images are of two people so in love that after 10 years together, still can’t keep their hands off each other and they wanted a session that showcased the more intimate side of love. I love showcasing couples in their own element. In whatever form intimacy is to them. Some may view this as cooking together every Saturday morning, laying in bed at night reading together or even something a little sexier. Something a little more racy. OHH LA LA.

These images may not be everyones taste. I really could care less. Take a peek and enjoy some love, or not. The choice is yours.

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Every year I hire a mini me to help with my chaotic life during wedding season. They carry bags, run errands, tell me when I am about to run into something, because apparently I like to walk backwards a lot while I am shooting, and basically just keep me from going just left of crazy.  I have been pretty lucky in that every year out of everyone that applies I manage to choose people who are a perfect fit for me. This year was no exception. This girl is crazy awesome and I am so excited to spend the entire summer with her by my side.

Say Hi to Lauren!

This girl is going to be a senior in highschool. She is an artist, an aspiring photographer and just basically A M A Z I N G! If you see me out shooting, she will probably be the one handing me lenses, keeping me hydrated and making sure I don’t run into a trash can or something.


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