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John & Erika – Snoqualmie Falls, Wa.

I will travel anywhere to take photos. You name it, and I will be there. Rain, Sleet, Snow… as long as there is a way, nothing will stop me.

John and Erika wanted their engagement photos around the Seattle area. They did not want an urban city session, they wanted a woodsy destination with some form of water. No problem!… until there was a problem. A lot of possible problems. Snow, fog and ice were the first. My little car and I made it over the pass with the help of a lovely gentleman willing to throw on my chains for me. Truthfully they should have someone at the other end telling you how to get them off or you could be on the side of a freeway under a streetlight using a phone as a flashlight, but against all the odds and maybe with a couple chipped nails, I made it to Seattle.

I met up with John and Erika on a pretty clear day and we drove to the falls. Apparently mother nature was not aware of my very important plans that evening and as we arrived at our destination she decided that it was time for some rain…. and then a lot of rain… and then A LOT of hail. I am not kidding.

We decided that we would wait it out for 30 minutes and after that… rain or shine…. we would be taking photos… possibly drenched…  or possibly while being pelted with large balls of ice. I would be game either way… I had an umbrella and a coat.

30 minutes later… as we emerged from the safety of the car… it cleared up and not a drop dripped for the rest of the day. It was a perfect. Nothing is better than the PNW after a rainstorm, the greens are just that much greener and everything glistens.

Oh Seattle. I love you.

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Drew & Mackenzie

Weeks have been flying by.

I have been glued to my computer trying to get caught up before the holidays hit. Being gone a month can really put a girl behind, but I am slowly chipping away at my work load. At least I am not missing out on any sunshine as it’s about 30 degrees right now. BRRRR. I definitely prefer to sit at my desk, drink my hot cocoa and blog some pretty photos.



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Robert & Preeti – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

These photos are not exactly of an engagement session but I still had to share. Love is love. Before during and after a wedding and it is never to late to take some photos.

In October I flew to Cabo San Lucas for a wedding. ( I am already missing the sunshine as the temperature this morning was a bitter 21 degrees) While shooting the wedding I was approached by Preeti. She and her best friend were celebrating their 35th birthdays with their husbands ( who just happened to surprise them with the trip ) and they wanted some photos along the beach. Who wouldn’t!?

How could I say no to shooting on the beach at sunset? So I jumped on that and we set it up over email the next day.

Unfortunately trying to find someone you have only seen once on a huge beach a couple miles away from each other is a little more difficult than one might think. It took a phone call and a couple times of turning around to find one another, but we did.

Both couples were amazing and stood there with huge smiles while I turned their backs towards the ocean and waited for the waves to hit…. it possibly could of been more fun for me watching. All in the name of some amazing photos.

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