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Drew & Kenzi – Wedding – New York, New York


A dream of mine came true this year. I went to New York and I got to shoot a wedding there.

With an amazing couple with some serious style, a yacht for the venue, New York as a backdrop and a nautical themed wedding… I can now die happy.

This wedding was probably the longest wedding day i’ve ever had. 17 hours. I left my hotel in New York City at 7am and did not return until about Midnight. Worth it.

Even with our time being limited for photos, my two hour plan turning into a one hour plan, our taxi driver getting us a little lost, Ferries running late, the yacht being at a different location than expected and a couple other hiccups, nothing phased these two. They were cool calm and rocked every part of their wedding day.

You just never know what you are going to get on a wedding day. Timelines are more of a guideline, and plans can quickly turn into  a slightly more organized version of chaos.

I still wouldn’t ever dream of doing anything else.

Ifong Chen - Love Love this one

Weston Cederblom - Right on! Such a killer location and theme. Love it 🙂

Jill Johnson - A-maz-ing!!!

Joy Evans - I am in love with these pics. You two are so beautiful together.

Laurie Rhein - Artistic. Lovely. Sign of the times.

Angie Lee - Fabulous!!!!

Karin Jancke - I love the “small sights before the wedding” pictures – bow tie and that sort of thing.THey’re gorgeous!
Not to mention the wonderful couple, of course…

Gwen Shoemaker - Beautiful job Allie!!!

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Parker & Phoebe

I am constantly finding myself immersed in the way couples show affection, the way that two people can tangle themselves together and how completely comfortable love can be between two people. Where a gentle stroke or light brush against ones skin can say everything and yet, nothing was actually needed to be said.

This is love.

Love at it’s most intimate.

No two people love alike and every relationship is it’s very own living and breathing thing, raw and completely perfect in its own right. I am constantly wanting to not only showcase love as art, but to showcase emotion in everything I photograph. If you can feel something just by looking at a photo that I have taken, then I have done what I’ve set out to do.

Love is art.

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Ben & Tia – Married – Barrister, Spokane wa.

Wedding season is coming to an end and my travel season is starting…. on MONDAY. I am so excited. I will be heading to LA, Vegas, Hawaii, Sacramento, San Fran, and a couple more places that I am super excited to visit. More on that later. No worries though, only a little over half of that is for work. I need a little me time in there for sure.

Before I go though I had to share one more wedding from this summer and its a goodie.



Thomas Conklin - Awesome pics Ben Very beautiful wife. May you both hav happiness all your life . Tom Conklin

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Amy & Shannon – Married – Nyne, Spokane Wa.



These two ladies are AH-FREAKING-MAZING. I met them a couple years ago at a previous wedding I did and knew, as soon as I saw them, that I HAD to be the one to shoot their wedding. I would of fought for them. Yes, I would of 100% broken a freaking nail for these two.

… these two…

It’s like they wined and dined me. When your clients tell you, “take much time as you want for photos, were going to do whatever you want.” Talk about melting. Are you serious!?! Oh man, we took like 2 hours for the first part of their photos and probably 30 minutes later on in the day. OH YES! …it was worth it.

Im thinking vow renewal next year, what do you think?



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