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Fred & Kristina

Picking wedding vendors is definitely not an easy task. If you have a vision in mind, you want to pick the vendors that will make that vision come to life and if you pick the perfect wedding vendors, they will surpass your every expectation.

Not every wedding is perfect. Crap happens. OH MAN CAN IT. There are things out of your control. Hopefully you have vendors that are ready to tackle whatever the day may throw their way. On this particular wedding, mother nature decided that we would not be going outside. The wind was crazy. It was probably the windiest day I have ever seen during a wedding. It didn’t stop us. We were able to rock out awesome pictures without leaving our venue. Kristina and her bridesmaids did try to fight the wind, but lost. Lost eyelashes, lost hair barrettes, just plain lost. The pictures are to die for though and luckily they knew it and just put themselves back together afterwards. We definitely learned our lesson and stayed inside the rest of the day after that.

Fred and Kristina love their friends and family and they showed them by showering them with every type of food anyone could ever want at a wedding. Freshly shucked right in front of your eyes oysters, prime rib, chicken, pasta made to order, scallops and so much more. I know your mouth is salivating right now. Just wait for the photos.

This wedding was a dream to photograph, the couple was amazing, and the vendors pulled together to create a little magic. By the way if you have not thought about a wedding coordinator, think about it and then get one. Cameo Events was awesome to work with and truly made this wedding even more spectacular with their expertise.

Okay, now to some photos…

Kenneth Woloson - Love them!!!!!!!!!!! Ken (Daddy!) Woloson

Kenneth Woloson - Love them!!!!!!!!!!! Ken (Daddy!) Woloson

Marian Woloson - Great pictures. No pictures of grandmas, or grandpas….. ??? Love, Grandma Woloson

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Cody & Kate

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”   - Albert Camus

I love shooting in winter, when the leaves and flowers are gone and how a place can look unrecognizable.  I know most photographers love spring, summer and fall, which don’t get me wrong, are amazing seasons, but winter doesn’t get enough credit. Sure when there is snow on the ground everyone scampers outside, but there is just something about winter after the snow is gone. The moodiness of it  … it just makes me giddy.

Kate and Cody let me pick where to go for their maternity session. They showed up to Finch Arboretum and there was a slight fear in me that they would think I was crazy. It was brown and dead and looked nothing like the Finch everyone knows and loves. I think I prefer it this way.

I love shooting at places most may pass up. It makes for some unique photos and that is what I try and give my clients. I love it when my clients trust my vision. They may think I am a little crazy, but I think every artist is.


Ellen Harkness - You have captured love from a gorgeous artistic perspective! Thank you from a mother and grandmother’s heart!

Kate Scott - I LOVE THEM ALL!!!’n

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Kyle & Crystal

I may complain about the cold in winter, but a winter wedding can make it all better and a winter wedding at Beacon Hill can make it perfect. I feel like every wedding I get to experience or see something new. I love that I may not know exactly how my day will end up or what will happen. I leave my house with an idea of what the day will bring, but rarely does it go exactly as planned. Wedding timelines are more of guidelines. You have to be flexible as a wedding photographer and I love the excitement and spontaneity that comes with it.

I am definitely never bored.

… and on one of those days when my groom and his best man decided to put some ice skates on in their tuxes and play some hockey, I  picked up my camera and went to work.

Just another day at the office.

How lucky am I to call this a job.


Tracy Chrisler - One of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been too! So very happy for you both!

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Stephen & Cessiley

Right now I feel like everyone around me is pregnant. My Facebook feed is filled with pictures of growing tummies and nursery room makeovers and its so much fun to watch my friends and family growing their families.

My sister and best friend happen to be among the crowd of soon to be new mommies, both being due in the next couple months. Unfortunately not every pregnancy is as smooth as you want it to be. My sister had a terrible scare a couple weekends ago and was in the hospital two months early in pre term labor. She was there for 2 nights trying to get her contractions to stop. Luckily they slowed down and she was released.

The thought upset me of having no maternity pictures to document this time in our life… I mean her life, but really, its our whole families life since this is the first grand-baby on both sides. Everyone is experiencing this for the first time. First time Mom and Dad, first time Aunts and Uncles and first time Grandparents. So off to Portland I went that very next day, if something happened to that baby or if she was delivered early we wanted to make sure we had photos to document how amazing this time is and how much love this little baby is already surrounded with, not even born yet.

She was in no condition to run around taking pictures, so we waited a couple days till she was feel as best as could be expected and I set off to find some easy close to the road locations. Can I just say how in love I am with the forests around the Portland area.

It was incredible to get to take photos of my sister as this time in her life. I definitely won’t be forgetting the feeling I had anytime soon.

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Winter and I have a love/hate relationship.

I hate being cold.
I hate that tingly feeling your hands get after they were almost frozen off.
I hate the slushy roads after a warm day melts all the snow that was here the day before.
I hate UGG boots.
I hate single digit temperatures.
I hate having to worry about snow tires.
I hate that it gets dark at 4pm.
I hate having to sit in my car while it defrosts because I forgot to put my ice scraper in the car.

I love the feeling of coming home to hot cocoa.
I love my really cute new rain boots that make it possible for me to stomp in the puddles of melted snow.
I love watching big snow flakes fall from the sky .
I love soup.
I love oversized sweaters.
I love Christmas movies.
I love cable-knit.
I love walking downtown with impromptu coffee or bistro stops to warm up.
I love being able to sleep with a pile of blankets on my bed.

With all of this in mind, I love nothing more than going outside and being able shoot an awesome couple in the freezing single degree temperatures while my toes slowly go numb. I always forget how cold I am till the shoot ends and I have to climb back into car to drive home.

Solomon and Bethany were amazing. I am beyond excited to shoot their wedding this summer. I hope Sol’s mohawk makes an appearance there as well…



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