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Kyle & Kara – A black and white blog post…almost.

Lets mix it up.

A blog post in almost nothing but black and white? I am there!

Now I know nothing can steal your heart like a creamy sunset but …. lets try it. I adore black and white. Maybe more than most. I have been wanting to do a blog post with uninterrupted black and white goodness for a while now. So here it goes.

… and for some of your who are not totally on the black and white blog post bandwagon with me… I thought I would throw in some color at the end… because somethings NEED to be in color. No one wants to see beautiful floral details and the mouthwatering desserts in black and white… even I know that.

Are you with me on the black and white movement? Well maybe not a movement, but definitely this post. It’s all about the black and white today.


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Brian & Sarah – Palouse Falls, Wa.

Every once in a while, magic happens. It’s usually when a bride has no fear and is willing to do anything for an amazing photo.

I do admit that most of my brides will go above and beyond for me, it is amazing to me when brides will hike in their heels or say yes to silly and offbeat things I ask of them.

When I asked Sarah how she felt about trekking down a canyon and across a river… in her wedding dress, before her ceremony and most likely being a bit late for some other photos, she was actually almost more excited than me. Just almost.

… and so we hiked…. and hiked…

When we got to the river we found it was about thigh high at the highest point. Though the bottom was covered in moss and algae. I thought the best possible thing for me to do was go barefoot, and luckily I had decided to wear a dress that day. Brian and Sarah had some pretty sturdy footwear which was awesome. Brian rolled up his pants legs and Sarah hiked up her dress. I am so amazed and in awe of Sarah’s ability to have no fear and even laugh during the entire day. So with my camera in hand and barefoot, and with a  very brave bride and groom we slowly made out way across the river.

Since slipping and potentially going for a swim with my camera was a very real possibility, I decided to only take one camera with one lens across the river. Very smart idea on my part as I had to at feel around with my hands for new stepping areas.

The day was not perfect like most brides would expect a perfect wedding to go.  The wind was a little crazy, it was blazing hot, I got a little poison oak on my legs, stuff happens. Weather works against you, timelines run late. Every wedding will have its ups and downs, but it was perfect to them. Brian and Sarah never once stopped laughing and smiling. They made the day what it was. I always tell my couples that the wedding day will only be as stressful as you make it.

I have seen my fair share of wedding disasters. Cakes fall apart, bouquets get forgotten and an earrings can go missing. Just remember to breathe and that most of the things that go wrong, don’t matter in the end.

 The wooden ring seen here was hand made by Brian for Sarah when he proposed.


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Cody & Krystianna

One of the first things I say to my couples as we take photos is to cuddle together. I want to see what that means to them, how they react and how they feel being pressed up against one another. Sounds easy enough but not always. Sometimes a couple is just not as comfortable with public displays of affection, sometimes they are really nervous, maybe even a bit stiff and sometimes they just have no clue and look at me like I am crazy. It can tell me a lot. Sometimes very little effort is needed on my part to get those perfect moments and sometimes a couple may need a little nudge in the right direction.

These two killed it. At times I think they forgot I was there… and that is kind of like my little happy place. When a couple can forget about their surroundings and drown out all the noise, just being together. 

Miranda Jones - ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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Adel & Roxann – Engaged

No two sessions are exactly the same. That’s the way I like it. Each couple has their own unique chemistry and I love it when you can see exactly how two people fit together perfectly by looking at a couple of their images together. You don’t need to meet these two to know you will instantly love them, or that they love each other, you just need to look at this session. 

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