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N & E – A more intimate side of love.

These images are all about the love.

There is nothing I love more than taking pictures of people in love. This is why I do what I do. To be around love, well it’s intoxicating. These images are of two people so in love that after 10 years together, still can’t keep their hands off each other and they wanted a session that showcased the more intimate side of love. I love showcasing couples in their own element. In whatever form intimacy is to them. Some may view this as cooking together every Saturday morning, laying in bed at night reading together or even something a little sexier. Something a little more racy. OHH LA LA.

These images may not be everyones taste. I really could care less. Take a peek and enjoy some love, or not. The choice is yours.

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Every year I hire a mini me to help with my chaotic life during wedding season. They carry bags, run errands, tell me when I am about to run into something, because apparently I like to walk backwards a lot while I am shooting, and basically just keep me from going just left of crazy.  I have been pretty lucky in that every year out of everyone that applies I manage to choose people who are a perfect fit for me. This year was no exception. This girl is crazy awesome and I am so excited to spend the entire summer with her by my side.

Say Hi to Lauren!

This girl is going to be a senior in highschool. She is an artist, an aspiring photographer and just basically A M A Z I N G! If you see me out shooting, she will probably be the one handing me lenses, keeping me hydrated and making sure I don’t run into a trash can or something.


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Nate & Mariah

Spokane brought it’s “A” game for this engagement session. The lighting was to die for, the city was quiet and the weather was like that perfect scoop of whipped cream to top it off. I also pulled some new tricks out of my hat that I have been playing around with. It’s like I was a magician in a past life. I am 35% sure I could saw you in half and you’d be fine.

For anyone who has not seen me hobbling around lately, I hurt my knee a week before this session. Nate and Mariah were awesome and did not complain at all that I slowly limped down the street behind them with a knee brace the entire time.  …but 4 weeks later and I am finally feeling myself again! I have been so envious of anyone who could put on pants in the morning without having to sit down and then hop on one foot while trying not to fall over. If you didn’t see me bouncing around on crutches the last couple weeks or even better, debuting my very fancy wheelchair that I was sporting there for a while, then I am sorry, it was quite the sight and you missed out.

but now I am back!

Lets celebrate by staring at these two beautiful people.


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Jeremy & Allison – Edmonds, Wa

It’s getting to be that time again. That time where I actually have very little time. The summer usually feels like a blur by October so I try very hard to be in the moment, yet it’s so hard to take a deep breath without thinking about something I need to do. I always said my 30′s were for traveling and oh man, did it start out with a bang. I went to Nepal, Cabo, Arizona, California, Portland and Seattle, which was multiple times in the last 6 months, yes I know, I have pretty freaking awesome clients! Now I am packing my bags for a wedding in Seattle (my 3rd time this month) once again. Almost as I write this because, lets be honest, packing isn’t fun and I am pretty big into the whole procrastination thing when it comes to things I don’t like to do.

I feel a little behind on normal everyday errands. Probably because my life feels a little unordinary these days. Planes and hotels are starting to feel like home, which I really kind of love. I never was the type to stay in one place for too long. My blog is seriously behind, my car is a disaster, my list of tv shows goes unwatched and my cat has moved from sleeping at the foot of the bed to the middle of my pillow. We are currently in the midst of negotiation for pillow space – She is winning.

Something I am keeping up on is my editing. I am not to far behind which I hope will be the case all summer.

There will be plenty of blog posts to come, first is Jeremy and Allison.

They are adorable and fun. They were going to get married on August 29th but moved their date to April 11th, so I thought it fitting to share with the world first.


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Janell & Joe – Sedona, Arizona

What beats a stormy desert photo session? Not much.

As we stood in the rain waiting for the weather to lighten up, the only thing we could do was laugh. I watched Janell’s ringlets fall out in about 60 seconds. When you hike to a photo destination you deal with whatever weather you are given. We knew there was a possibility of rain and apparently 20% in Arizona means your going to get wet. We could of been smart and brought an umbrella, but I like to live on the edge. I have never seen a couple pull off soaking wet as well as they did.

Sometimes you just need to play in the rain.


Mickey Sagdahl - Wow you guys, just beautiful! What fun.

Angela Poole - These are such beautiful pictures…I want copies please!!!.

Donna Fleming - Stunning scenery. What rain?? She looked gorgeous in the rain

Kim Smith - So sweet and the love that resonates between the two of you is beautiful!

Kathy Hymes - Beautiful photos, couple, and scenery!

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