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Bryan & Natalie – Basel Cellars, Walla Walla – Wa.

I always knew I would do something with my life that involved being around people and making them happy. I never knew that in return those same people would be doing the same in return. I knew the second I talked to Natalie that she was pretty much one of the most awesome people ever. She is hilarious, she doesn’t take herself to seriously and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Unfortunately she lived in Seattle and then recently moved to Portland so I can’t just stroll on over and and make her come hang out with me. I did though get to meet up with Natalie and Bryan in Portland for their engagement session and then traveled to Walla Walla for their wedding. Every second with these two was beyond entertaining and I adore them both, not to mention their amazing taste in wedding venues.

Basel Cellars is pretty much the bees knees. A winery resort wedding that had everything you could ever want. While Natalie spent her morning getting ready, their friends and family got to relax by the pool and make use of the coolest log cabin McMansion I have ever seen. Oh man,  the places I get to hang out and call my office.

Okay, I am done making everyone jealous about how cool this place is… just go see it, but look at this amazing wedding first.

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Cliff & Megan

It’s a Saturday in August which means I am off to a wedding. My first of two for the weekend and the first of 5 for the next three weeks. I haven’t blogged anything in a while due to my ever increasing pile of weddings and sessions so I thought I would start the day off right… with pretty photos of two amazing people.

Have a freaking fabulous Saturday!





Dana Duffy - Absolutely beautiful! Love you two!

Megan Blumenthal - Love them ooooooooodles!

Anna Allee-Daffer - Amazing picture of an amazing couple

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John & Jessie – A Gatsby themed wedding

I dyed a little when Jessie told me her vision for her wedding.

Champagne. Vintage flair. Flapper dresses. Headpieces. Jazz Music.

… and a helicopter getaway?! Okay, maybe not a nod to the 20′s but definitely freaking awesome none the less!

My lust for a peek at the roaring 20′s was definitely satisfied with John and Jessie’s wedding, I felt like I was celebrating with Gatsby himself. The romance, the music, the attire, ….and champagne aplenty. This wedding was just as much for the guests as it was for the bride and groom. They sent out some of the best invitations I have seen. They asked their guests to join them and dress for the occasion and they gave them a great show as they exited their wedding, suitcase in hand, to the helicopter waiting for them on the front lawn. A very over the top Gatsby-esque getaway.


Sarah J Stromberger - These are incredible!! Great work!

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Amy Koeller - Simply gorgeous! <3

Sara Noelle S - I just noticed all of my random comments, oh my, that was Emily.. ;) haha

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