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Sometimes you meet a family and photograph basically everyone and everything in it, or maybe that doesn’t happen very often at all. After a couple family sessions, senior photos sessions, engagement sessions, a couple boudoir sessions and a wedding, with another one next summer you would think I would be out of family members… but not just yet.

Boys are always a little less excited to walk around for a couple hours taking photos. Seniors, grooms, fathers… you name it and they usually will try and get out of it. Josh was great though which was great because he is to young for me to bribe him with a beer after.


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Joe & Janell

My season is coming to a close.

I have one wedding left to shoot and it’s always bitter sweet for me.


I will have time again. Time to do things that have been put on hold. Time to get caught up on editing.

…but first I have a couple amazing trips to take. I will be heading out October 3rd to Nepal.
HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? ( and just in case you are thinking that I am super amazing to be climbing Mt. Everest, – Dont. I will not be trekking up a mountain, this girl is not that type of girl, but I will take pretty pictures of it!) I will be visiting a long time client of mine who lives there and taking some amazing photos of her, of Nepal and and having the freaking time of my life. So much to see in 15 days, but before I can even think about everything that I will see and do… I have to squeeze every last minute out of the time I have left before I go. It is insane how many things can actually be on a todo list… and I still write my todo list on paper… with an actual pen, just to be able to cross things off. Don’t judge.

I will be returning from Nepal on October 22nd… just in time to leave again for a wedding in Mexico…

Yeah, I am pretty freaking excited about life right now.

but first lets look at some pretty wedding photos.




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