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Jeremy & Allison – Edmonds, Wa

It’s getting to be that time again. That time where I actually have very little time. The summer usually feels like a blur by October so I try very hard to be in the moment, yet it’s so hard to take a deep breath without thinking about something I need to do. I always said my 30′s were for traveling and oh man, did it start out with a bang. I went to Nepal, Cabo, Arizona, California, Portland and Seattle, which was multiple times in the last 6 months, yes I know, I have pretty freaking awesome clients! Now I am packing my bags for a wedding in Seattle (my 3rd time this month) once again. Almost as I write this because, lets be honest, packing isn’t fun and I am pretty big into the whole procrastination thing when it comes to things I don’t like to do.

I feel a little behind on normal everyday errands. Probably because my life feels a little unordinary these days. Planes and hotels are starting to feel like home, which I really kind of love. I never was the type to stay in one place for too long. My blog is seriously behind, my car is a disaster, my list of tv shows goes unwatched and my cat has moved from sleeping at the foot of the bed to the middle of my pillow. We are currently in the midst of negotiation for pillow space – She is winning.

Something I am keeping up on is my editing. I am not to far behind which I hope will be the case all summer.

There will be plenty of blog posts to come, first is Jeremy and Allison.

They are adorable and fun. They were going to get married on August 29th but moved their date to April 11th, so I thought it fitting to share with the world first.


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Janell & Joe – Sedona, Arizona

What beats a stormy desert photo session? Not much.

As we stood in the rain waiting for the weather to lighten up, the only thing we could do was laugh. I watched Janell’s ringlets fall out in about 60 seconds. When you hike to a photo destination you deal with whatever weather you are given. We knew there was a possibility of rain and apparently 20% in Arizona means your going to get wet. We could of been smart and brought an umbrella, but I like to live on the edge. I have never seen a couple pull off soaking wet as well as they did.

Sometimes you just need to play in the rain.


Mickey Sagdahl - Wow you guys, just beautiful! What fun.

Angela Poole - These are such beautiful pictures…I want copies please!!!.

Donna Fleming - Stunning scenery. What rain?? She looked gorgeous in the rain

Kim Smith - So sweet and the love that resonates between the two of you is beautiful!

Kathy Hymes - Beautiful photos, couple, and scenery!

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Matt & Sydney

I hate being cold. It is without a doubt on the “Top 10″ of my most hated things in the world list. So when my clients want a wintery engagement session I load up on the layers and the hand warmers, I even throw in some earmuffs for good measure.

This engagement session was freezing! 15 degrees is not a temperature, it’s my own private torture chamber from mother nature herself, but this couple rocked these photos like it was springtime. Wind chill ain’t got nothing on them!

Cheryl Lee Photography - love these!

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Chitwan & Pokhara – Nepal – Part 2

If you are interested in reading part one of my journey you can go here.

I wrote a ton about Nepal in my previous post so I will keep this short and sweet.

Chitwan is up first. Where people get around on ox cart, bikes, foot, elephants and pony rickshaws mostly. It is surrounded by jungle with animals like Rhinos, Tigers and Crocodiles. ( On my canoe adventure we saw 9 Crocodiles, but they were bathing on the side of the river  as we passed and decided not to swim with us)  Luckily the Tiger and Rhino sightings were lacking. Elephants though… they were a plenty. I spent quite some time with them in Chitwan. An elephant safari, visited the baby elephants, bathing an elephant in the river (got thrown off an elephant in the river), I don’t think I could ever get enough of those amazing animals.

I visited the village, saw how the locals lived and took a photo or two.




Pokhara was last on the list the visit. There were plenty of taxis’ here to help me out but luckily it was not as cramped as Kathmandu on the streets. The lakes are what this little town is all about. They are freaking gorgeous. I also visited a couple caves, some Tibetan refugee camps and got to sit in on a Tibetan Monk ritual ceremony, which unfortunately you are not allowed to photograph. If only I could of brought back a snippet of their chanting though. It is mesmerizing to listen to. So much to see, so much to do.




…and just in case anyone was interested. Here are a couple photos of me. Photo credit: My amazing client Sam or my awesome travel buddy Carolyn.

Side note: I know there are plenty more photos out there of me in Nepal, I just don’t know who took them. I got to experience a small piece of celebrity while there. As people would run up to me and ask to take a photo with me, or try to sneak them as I walked by. I even had a mob of tourists from India following me through a cave, flashes going off in every direction and people running into the picture to pose and quickly run back out… it has to be the hair!

Heather Crippen - Love all of these pictures! Thank You for sharing!

Carolyn Powers - Photo credit for Sam, Me…or Gopal haha

Rashelle Crippen - Amazing ❤️ thank you for sharing!!!!!!

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Kathmandu – Nepal (Part 1)


I got to take a trip of a lifetime to visit a client and create something spectacular for her. She has lived in a Nepal for a while now and wanted a travel book to remember it. This is Part 1 of 2.

Sometimes in this life, you need to step out of what is comfortable to be able to really appreciate it.

4 flights. 22 hours in the air. Half way around the world. Nepal.

Kathmandu – A valley nestled by the Himalayas and Nepal’s capital… and where I spent the first part of my trip.

A city filled with pollution, poverty and deprivation. A city filled with people who work hard to survive – and survive on their faith.
The people of Nepal learn to live without what so many of us feel are necessities and not what they are, privileges.

Power is inconsistent at best. The luxuries that electricity provide don’t really exist. What good is a stove that won’t stay hot or a dryer that can never finish a load of laundry. Walking around Kathmandu you can almost feel the pollution sticking to your skin while trash lines the streets and rivers. Children beg for money and candy while parents peddle trinkets and handmade pieces.

Yet, I would still go back.

The tradition, the culture  and the heart of Nepal… the people, and they all worth experiencing, not to mention the indescribable views that Nepal has to offer. Some places will always be apart of you once you leave. The people that you met, the places you have seen, the food…. oh man, the food. In three weeks I feel like I experienced what most wont in decades.

8 days in Kathmandu – 3 Days in Chitwan – 4 days in Pokhara

With the money rate being 100 rupees to the dollar – it is insane – the amount of money you feel you are spending and yet aren’t is ridiculous…RIDICULOUS. You barter back and forth with taxi drivers and street vendors for 100 or 200 rupees. Forgetting that the thick stack of cash you are holding really only comes out to 10 dollars. It feels like so much more. The average person in Nepal makes 700 dollars a year. That’s crazy!

The experiences. To be able to experience so much in so little time. Good and bad.

cremation customs – Tibetan monk rituals – elephant safaris through the jungle – pollution – temples – more temples – monkeys – motorbiking through Kathmandu – canoeing down the Narayani river – poverty – Curry and more curry – Bike riding through villages – ox carts – elephant bathing – caves – Tibetan refugee camps – rickshaw rides – hunting for crocodiles – power outages upon power outages, traffic.

“Ke Garne.” – a saying in Nepal that means “what can you do?” It is one of the best ways to describe their outlook on life. I believe this is in fact due to their immense faith. With temples on every corner, scattered throughout the city like coffee shops in Seattle. Faith is definitely not taken lightly. It is their everything.

To visit this place that so many might never see was amazing. I enjoyed every step I took through the country and every experience. There is so much to show that this will be a 2 part series…

I spent most of my time within the city of Kathmandu so it is the best place to start…
















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