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Kathmandu – Nepal (Part 1)

Sometimes in this life, you need to step out of what is comfortable to be able to really appreciate it.

4 flights. 22 hours in the air. Half way around the world. Nepal.

Kathmandu – A valley nestled by the Himalayas and Nepal’s capital… and where I spent the first part of my trip.

A city filled with pollution, poverty and deprivation. A city filled with people who work hard to survive – and survive on their faith.
The people of Nepal learn to live without what so many of us feel are necessities and not what they are, privileges.

Power is inconsistent at best. The luxuries that electricity provide don’t really exist. What good is a stove that won’t stay hot or a dryer that can never finish a load of laundry. Walking around Kathmandu you can almost feel the pollution sticking to your skin while trash lines the streets and rivers. Children beg for money and candy while parents peddle trinkets and handmade pieces.

Yet, I would still go back.

The tradition, the culture the people. The heart of Nepal is the people, and they all worth experiencing …not to mention the indescribable views that Nepal has to offer. Some places will always be apart of you once you leave. The people that you met, the places you have seen, the food…. oh man, the food. I was able to experience so much in such a short amount of time.

8 days in Kathmandu – 3 Days in Chitwan – 4 days in Pokhara

With the money rate being 100 rupees to the dollar – it is insane – the amount of money you feel you are spending and yet aren’t is ridiculous…RIDICULOUS. You barter back and forth with taxi drivers and street vendors for 100 or 200 rupees. Forgetting that the thick stack of cash you are holding really only comes out to 10 dollars. It feels like so much more. The average person in Nepal makes 15 dollars a day. That’s crazy.

The experiences. To be able to experience so much in so little time. Good and bad.

cremation customs – Tibetan monk rituals – elephant safaris through the jungle – pollution – temples – more temples – monkeys – motorbiking through Kathmandu – canoeing down the Narayani river – poverty – Curry and more curry – Bike riding through villages – ox carts – elephant bathing – caves – Tibetan refugee camps – rickshaw rides – hunting for crocodiles – power outages upon power outages, traffic.

“Ke Garne.” – a saying in Nepal that means “what can you do?” It is one of the best ways to describe their outlook on life. I believe this is in fact due to their immense faith. With temples on every corner, scattered throughout the city like coffee shops in Seattle. Faith is definitely not taken lightly. It is their everything.

To visit this place that so many might never see was amazing. I enjoyed every step I took through the country and every experience. There is so much to show that mostly likely this will be a 2 part series… if not 3.

Here is a look at life in Kathmandu and how I got to experience it.

















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Shane & Meghan

I am pretty much counting the minutes until I leave tomorrow on the trip of a lifetime. This will be my last blog post till I get back from Nepal and Mexico and its  a pretty good one. I didn’t meet Shane and Meghan until the night before their wedding. I instantly loved them. It’s amazing having couples from across the U.S.

Seattle – Portland

Even Arizona – Alaska – Virginia – Texas.

That was all this year alone, but when you meet awesome people you never really want to say goodbye. I sometimes only see my couples on their wedding day. They book me without a phone consult and they get their final images mailed to them. – it’s bitter sweet for me. I am so excited to work with so many amazing couples and so sad when everything is said and done. Some people view their business as just that, a business. I am still learning where that line is, when to separate my business from my personal life and visa versa.

I could fill a whole book tonight with everything going on in my head but I will stop rambling and start showing some photos…

Emily Maryatt - <3

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Corey & Kylie

Weddings are never perfect. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned, usually everything turns out just fine, but it can be a bit bumpy getting there. The journey is part of the experience. Some weddings have a few more rough patches than others for sure. I document the day as is, you can’t edit life and I would never want to, you have to learn to appreciate the flaws and learn to accept them. For some brides, having something small go wrong on their wedding day can turn into a full blown catastrophe, and for others a true catastrophe feels like nothing.

Corey and Kylie are beyond amazing. If something could go wrong, it probably did.

Kylie called me about 36 hours before her wedding to let me know that her venue on the lake was now flooded with sewage. As my mouth dropped open, she went on to give me back up plans as if she was changing restaurants for dinner. She did some research and called around and found a new venue. For most brides it might not be the ideal location but you would never have guessed it wasn’t their first and only choice. The park we found which luckily had a small lakeside to it was filled with other parties and people, Barbecues took up some of their ceremony aisle and a tent was used to hide the bride before the ceremony.

The caterers got lost and ran late, a bridesmaids dress broke about 30 minutes before the ceremony, and as I sewed her into it ( and I am absolutely sure she probably had to be cut out of the thing at the end of the evening) Kylie just laughed and smiled. The smell of oncoming rain loomed in the air throughout the night but you would never know it because they paid no attention. I am sure they would of been the happiest rain soaked couple ever.

Some would say this was far from the most perfect of weddings but that is pretty far from the truth. Everything continued on, Corey and Kylie were married at the end of the day and they enjoyed every second of their wedding. It may not have been what they envisioned but nothing really ever is.

Melinda Culpepper-Martonik - What an amazing day, Kylie I’m so proud of you.

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Sometimes you meet a family and photograph basically everyone and everything in it, or maybe that doesn’t happen very often at all. After a couple family sessions, senior photos sessions, engagement sessions, a couple boudoir sessions and a wedding, with another one next summer you would think I would be out of family members… but not just yet.

Boys are always a little less excited to walk around for a couple hours taking photos. Seniors, grooms, fathers… you name it and they usually will try and get out of it. Josh was great though which was great because he is to young for me to bribe him with a beer after.


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